Sound rooted along an iceplant hill in the earliest of childhood years. It was 1988, and our third eye continues to guide our multi-dimensional agenda. GUITAR met the DJ. Live performances, cyphers, unannounced rehearsals, endless original tracking of each other’s lives. Argentine guitarist/singer/songwriter ‘The Ape’ aka #DeLaCosta continues with content only now beyond the guitar. The force of nature that is Roger Lyve holds down the DJ fort with much added agendas, including a feature film score, film production, DJ remixes, and a dj-produced album currently in the pipeline. Utmost respect for one another’s craft mount to nearly 30 years of recording under Lyve’s Ice Lab Studios. So, what are The Iceplants? Simple: Acousmatic breeze, heavy conscience lyric, complex fitting percussion by long-time friend and well-respected ex-local rock drummer-turned-Jazzsmith ALEX J SMITH … all simmered over our own BEATS. There’s no shortage of good music out there, we simply hope to add to it. Enjoy the mighty collaborations, some leaving us far too humbled to announce.