The Ape ∆ The Gecko Feather ∆ The Smithsonian ∆ Roger Lyve

Their sound rooted from childhood, the friendship resonates from elementary afternoons where swings, fields and recess bonded the group daily…of course after hiking up and down the playgrounds 200-foot iceplant hill for 9 nine years. Harmony meets where their musical ventures differ. Live performance, countless cyphers, unannounced rehearsals and utmost respect for one another’s skill-set mount up to over a decade’s worth of recording under the DJ maestro, Roger Lyve. Both Ape and the Gecko Feather supply Lyve with acousmatic breeze and heavy conscience lyric, while the master jazzsmith and ex-local rock drummer supplies the heartbeat with complex, fitting percussion. 2014 Fall will be a leap into everyone’s playlists. Enjoy!

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